BANAPHSHU is a native of Anaphoria and the daughter of Tollan, the maker of the great mystical clock of Aal. Her mother is Daena, one of Anaphoria's most famous poetess/singers. She is recognized as one of the great storytellers of her country. Her collections of folklore are acclaimed for their historical preservation of near extinct relics as well as their diversity in her persistence in leaving no stone unturned. Her work in the US has caused her to investigate the possible influence of ancient native American cosmology upon Anaphorian myths. Presently she acts as the general director at RADIO NABU CONGUL 98.8 FM

ROGER MEXICO is the son of a bush pilot who was stationed in Anaphoria for 34 years. After becoming an M.D., Roger heroically skydived into some of the remotest Anaphorian back country to selflessly deliver much needed supplies. The result was his also learning regional shamanistic medical practices, which he has subsequently used in augmenting the limitations of his traditional western practice. He has been awarded his country's highest civilian award, the cross of Aunan. For money, he works as an actor/puppeteer and a musician and serves as Anaphoria's cultural liaison in Oaxaca, Mexico for the first nation people of North America.

TERUMI NARUSHIMA [full version] received her Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the University of Sydney, and her Master of Music (Composition) from Sydney Conservatorium. She also has a Diploma in Secondary Education from Sydney University. She is currently completing a PhD on musical interfaces for microtonal composition. Her main area of research is the application of microtonal tuning systems in music composition and in presenting microtonal music in different contexts. This has resulted in projects such as a sound installation at the Sydney Opera House, a computer game for performing virtual bells in just intonation, as well as music and sound design for film and theatre. Her work has been presented at conferences and festivals in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the USA, as well as broadcast on national radio and television. She was also a guest composer for New Music Works in Santa Cruz, USA in 2007. Her ‘Hidden Sidetracks’ was performed by Ensemble Offspring in Sept. 2011. As a performer, her main instruments are keyboards and koto (a traditional Japanese zither). She plays in the duo called "Clocks and Clouds" with Kraig Grady.

KRAIG GRADY [CV} has presented his music, shadow theatre and films at the Norton Simon Museum of Art, the UCLA Armand Hammer Museum, the Pacific Asia Museum, the Chateau de la Napoule - France, California Institute of the Arts, Pomona College, Pierce College, Villa Aurora Foundation for European American Relations, the Schindler House, Beyond Baroque, the Brand Library, New Langton Arts, as well as numerous live performances on KPFK, KCRW, and KXLU. His work was also presented as part of the LA Philharmonic's American Music Weekend as well as New Music America. He has been nominated 4 times for the L. A. WEEKLY Music Award best uncategorizable artist and was chosen by BUZZ Magazine as one of the 100 coolest persons in Los Angeles.

Born in Montebello, Ca. while still in his teens, he realized he had an overwhelming urge to be a composer. After studies with Nickolas Slonimsky, Dean Drumond, Dorrance Stalvey (all briefly) and Byong-Kon Kim (longer) he produced his earliest compositions. Since meeting Erv Wilson in 1975, he has composed and performed in alternative tunings of Wilson's. In the 80's Kraig Grady (along with Keith Barefoot) became one of the first to revive the combination of live music with silent film. He was responsible for the films as well as the music. In 1990 with the opera "War and Pieces" film retreated to a background for live performers. Soon afterwards was his first exposure to the music of Anaphoria Island where he took up residence, on and off, for a period of three years. On his return he found himself being asked to act as a liaison between Anaphoria and North America. In this role he has produced numerous solo and ensemble works and 13 shadow plays; TEN BLACK EYE I & II, BLACK EYE MERU, HER STIRRING STONE, THEIR VENTURES BEYOND THE HORIZONS, THE STOLEN STARS, FRENZY AT THE ROYAL THRESHOLD, THE QUIET EROW, THE P ILGRIMAGE OF MIRRORS, THE FOLLIES OF DR. PLACEBO, THE QUIET EROW (redux), THE BROOK OF NO RETURN, and NATURE ON THE LOOSE!

Wikipedia Listing

L.A. Weekly Article by Greg Burk 12/7/00

Interview by Brian Harlan/Corporeal Meadows

Feature in 'Science Fiction Studies' by Bruce Gehiere 2001

Interview in 'Deviant Nation' by Seth Harris 2009

Performances of Importance

Sydney Town Hall. Oct.1, 2022

NATURE ON THE LOOSE - (shadow play)
Wollongong Art Gallery. Aug 19-20, 2022

The Celestial Tangle ( for 7 players) Kogarah School of Arts. June 12, 2022

BROOK OF NO RETURN - (shadow play)
Sydney Sacred Music Festival. Wollongong Art Gallery. Sept 20-21, 2019
Servo. Port Kembla. Nov 23-25, 2018
St. Lukes Church. Enmore, Sydney Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018

SNO- IN FORMALISM. Opening Performance. Casula Powerhouse. Liverpoool. June 23, 2019

SYDNEY MICROFEST 2018. Anaphorian Shadow Theatre Music. East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, 34 Burton St, Darlinghurst. Saturday Sept.23 2018

SYDNEY MICROFEST 2017. "Poignant Particles" The Factory Theatre. July 20th, 2017

THONE OF THORNS. Theatre Presentation directed by Norzizi Zulkifli.
Music Director. Experimental Theatre, Aswara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Feb. 16-1, 2017

Music performance
La Mama Theatre, Melbourne. Sept 5 2016

LIQUID ARCHITECTURE - Autotune Everything. Clocks and Clouds
The Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture, Melbourne. Aug. 20, 2016

THRONE OF THORNS. Music Director.
Play directed Norzizi Zulkifli. Performance Space, UOW Wollongong. Feb. 25-28 2015.

SHADOW OF EXILE Installation
TAEM Gallery, UOW Wollongong. Sept 26 - Oct 16 2014

MICROFEST 'Chippewayan Echoes' for String Quartet
Chippewayan Echoes for String Quartet - ArtShare, Los Angeles- March 28, 2014

Collaboration with Etienne Deleflie. Spazioersetti Gallery, Udine Italy. June 21-30 2013

INITIATION FOR THE SHADOW PUPPETS Installation and Daily Performance
Verge Gallery University of Sydney Nov.1-8, 2012

AURORA FESTIVAL 2012 Terrains ,Winds, and Currents
Clocks and Clouds, Casula Powerhouse, Casula, May 5th 2012

UTS DIFFUSE SEASON 2: 97 Fossilized Blossoms
Performance/workshop on instrument design at University of Technology Sydney 3-4 May 2012

AN AKASHIC TORUS-Composition for mixed ensemble. Premiere - performed by Ensemble Offspring. Concert featured the Centaur tuning, my tuning invented in 1981.
The Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, 2nd September 2011

DARK DISSENTS- Composition for retuned Cymbolum. Premiere performed by Cory Beers as a part of William Leavitt Retrospective
MOCA [Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles] 12 April 2011

WHIRLPOOL duo- Kraig Grady and Chris Abrahams. Live Radio performance ABC CLASSICS.FM.New Music Up Late with Julian Day (92.9)
Sydney.12 February 2011

Performance Trio of Clocks and Clouds-Terumi Narushima / Kraig Grady / Seth Harris
St Luke’s Hall, Enmore NSW 29 Jan 1011

Performance Duo of Clocks and Clouds-Terumi Narushima/Kraig Grady
St Luke’s Hall, Enmore NSW 9 July 2010

Duo Presentation with Mark Havrliv
Eugene Goosens Hall, Sydney NSW 17June 2010

Solo vibraphone works.
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane NSW 6 May 2010

Ensemble piece for 4 players playing 7 instruments
Wentworth Falls, School of Arts, Blue Mountains NSW 23 Jan 2010

THE QUIET EROW (shadow play) full production
The Bushland Chapel Helenburgh NSW Oct 9 -10, 16 - 17 2009

Sound/installation project with 7 artists
Bundanon NSW 7 March 2009

WHIRLPOOL duo- Kraig Grady and Chris Abrahams. Liquid Architecture 10
    Performance Space - CarriageWorks, Sydney NSW Saturday 27 June 2009

    Don't Look Gallery, Dulwich Hill, NSW 5 April 2009
    Cad Factory-Merrickville, NSW 1 March 2009

CLOCKS AND CLOUDS DUO- Kraig Grady/ Terumi Narushima.
    Don't Look Gallery, Dulwich Hill, NSW 6 Dec. 2009

    Stir Fry-Casula Powerhouse, Casula NSW 11 July 2009

    MAST micro festival
    St. Stephen's Church Hall, Newtown NSW 20 June 2009

    Project Gallery, Wollongong 5 June 2009

    1/4 inch/Corroded Memories 2.1.
    FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong. NSW Australia 10 April, 2008

    Serial Space,
    Chippendale, Sydney, 24 April, 2008

    Wank festival.
    University of Wollongong NSW 1 April,
    White Hole Audio. Project Gallery.
    Wollongong NSW 14 Dec.2007

ZEPHYROS pt.1 2-Solo Vibraphone.
Interface Festival. Ballhaus Naunyn. Berlin, Germany 29 Sept 2007

ZEPHYROS pt.1 2-Solo Vibraphone.
Dangerous Curve Gallery. Los Angeles. 13 July. 2007

The Folly Bowl Altadena, Calif. May 26-27, 2007

ZEPHYROS pt.1-Solo Vibraphone.
Music for the Equinox. The Folly Bowl Altadena, September 23, 2006

The Folly Bowl Altadena, May 27-28, 2006
The Found Theater. June 17-18, 24-25. Long Beach

CHAMBER WORKS RETROSPECTIVE- Performed by Nuclear Family and co.
Cafe Metropol. March 17, 2006

LIVE IMPROVISATION to the 1918 silent film The Blue Bird
with Steve Roden, Jeffrey Roden, Glenn Bach, and Jacob Danziger
Sunday, March 7, 2006, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.

VIBROPHONE SOLO- Ctrl+Alt+Repeat Evening of Experimental Music.
Feb 18, 2006. Inmo Gallery, Los Angeles

GENDHING NAMASTE Performance by the Nuclear Family (for Meta-Slendro Orchestra)
Barnsdall Gallery Theater. November 18, 2005

Metro Theater, Oakland. May 28, 2005

THE QUIET EROW (shadow play)
New Langton Arts, San Francisco. May 13 -14 2005  Folly Bowl, Altadena. May 21 -22 2005

ORENDA (for three vibraphones), Metro Gallery, Pasadena. April 30, 2005

THE FLOWER OF THE SEASON music with Butoh, Beyond Baroque, Venice. October 29, 2004

THE BUNDLE. Collaborative Performance Art and Music. Dangerous Curve, Los Angeles.
September 11, 2004

DUET FOR 2 VIBRAPHONES. Earjam IV, REDCAT, Los Angeles.  June 19, 2005

FRENZY AT THE ROYAL THRESHOLD (shadow play), Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena. May 15-16, 2004

PIECE FOR VIBRAPHONE. Sound Rewound: Celebrating 20 years of music at The Lab,
San Francisco. Feburary.18, 2004

FRENZY AT THE ROYAL THRESHOLD (shadow play), Norton Simon Museum of Art,  Pasadena. October 24, 2003

THE STOLEN STARS (shadow play), Black Cat Gallery, Culver City. May 23-25, 31-June 1, 2003

IN THE WAKE OF L.H. Pomona College, Claremont. May 13, 2003

LINE SPACE LINE FESTIVAL Salvation Theater, Hollywood. April 11, 2003

THEIR VENTURES UPON THE HORIZONS (shadow play), Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena. May 16, 2002

DUOS FOR VIBRAPHONES UCLA Hammer Museum, Westwood. May 9, 2002

WORLD OUT OF TUNE FESTIVAL Highland Grounds, Hollywood. May 4, 2002

COLD FRAGMENTS Pomona College, Claremont May 10, 2002

MIRCOHOOT: FESTIVAL OF MICROTONAL MUSIC  Multiple performances and lectures over 3 days.
El Paso, Texas. November 1-3, 2001.

CLOSING CEREMONY FOR A SHADOW PLAY; World Out-Of-Tune Festival, Schindler House, West Hollywood. May 20, 2001

HER STIRRING STONE (shadow play) HollyMatter Art Gallery, Los Angeles. May 4 5, 2001

OPENING INVOCATION FOR A SHADOW PLAY Microfest 2001 Conference, Pomona College, Claremont . April 7, 2001

MANDALA II Beyond Baroque Music festival, Beyond Baroque, Venice. July 28, 2000

MANDALA and OSTAELO Performed as part of "SOUND", Schindler House, West Hollywood June 17, 2000

ALICE BEHIND THE BROKEN LOOKING GLASS and OSTAELO Microfest 2000, Brand Library, Glendale. May 14, 2000

THREE THEMES Microfest 2000, Pomona College, Claremont. May 5, 2000

BLACK EYE MERU (shadow play) Performed as part of Beyond 440 Hertz, Villa Aurora, Foundation For European-American Relations,
Pacific Palisades. September 24,1999

GENDING APTOS and KOLABROS Microfest 3, Brand Library, Glendale. May 14,1999

KOLABROS Microfest 3, Pierce College, Woodland Hills. May 9, 1999
BLACK EYE MERU (shadow play in progress) Glaxa Studios, Los Angeles. October 25,1998

Lecture (afternoon) with (evening) performance of CREATION OF THE WORLDS (ensemble composition),
P.A.S.I.C. (Percussive Arts Society International Convention)
Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim. November 19, 1997

TEN BLACK EYE II (shadow play) Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena. November 8, 1997

MASLUSADA Microfest, Pierce College, Woodland hills. March 8, 1997

TEN BLACK EYE (shadow play) Stella Adler Studios, Hollywood. Presented by LACE. October 27, 1996

MUSIC FROM ANAPHORIA ISLAND- Six Ensemble Pieces, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena. December 11, 1993

TALES FROM THE MESOCOSM Orange/Sardines Studio, Highland Park. April 19, 1992

Stage Version: LACE March 31-April 1, 1990.
Radio Version: KPFK Imaginary Landscape, live, October 25, 1989


MYSTERY WITHOUT CLEWS Silent rear-projected film with ensemble and narration
Oranges/Sardines Studio, Highland Park. Easter, 1992
West Hollywood Auditorium (presented by the Visual Music Alliance). May 24, 1989
UC Santa Cruz. April 23-24, 1989


New Langton Arts, San Francisco. March 12, 1988
Betty Freeman Residence, Los Angeles. March 7, 1988
LACE, Hollywood. April 1-4, 1987

COMMERCIAL FOR A WESTERN for narrator and chamber orchestra.
Performed by USC Chamber Orchestra, Don Crockett, conductor. New Music L.A.,
Japan American Theatre, Los Angeles. March 1, 1986

EVE WITHOUT APPLES Silent Films/Live Music
The Lab, San Francisco. November 17-18 1987
New Music America, Los Angeles. November 1, 1985 (excerpt shown on French TV)
Los Angeles Philharmonic’s American Music Weekend. November 24-25, 1984

The Lab, San Francisco. November 17-18 1987
Los Angeles Philharmonic’s American Music Weekend. November 24-25, 1984
The House, Santa Monica. October 23, 1983

Composer-in-residence, La Napoule Art Foundation. La Napoule, France. March-June 1988



Monument Of Diamonds. Another Timbre. CD 2020

Anaphoria: Escarpments. Ini.Inu Rec LP. 2014

In An Pentagonal Room. Archive of Anaphoria 003 CD 2013

Our Rainy Season/Nuilagi, AND/Oar. 2011

Anaphoria: Footpaths and Trade Routes. Ini.Inu Rec LP. 2009

Beyond the Windows, Perhaps Among the Podcorn. Transparency. CD 2007

Orenda. Archive of Anaphoria 2.5. 3’’ CD. 2006

Without R & R. Experimental Musical Research 11. 3” CD 2005

The Stolen Stars: An Anaphorian Dance Drama. Archive of Anaphoria 001. CD. 2001

The Creation of the Worlds. Bzang Editions 0004. CD. 1997

From The Interiors of Anaphoria. Bzang Edition 0002. CD. 1995

From the Island Of Anaphoria. (with Brad Laner) Tiny Organ 001. 1994

Second pressing Bzang Edition 0003. CD. 1995


Otherness. Sonic Arts Network included excerpt of Beyond the Windows, Perhaps among the Podcorn. CD with Booklet. 2007

CorralComp05. 4 Anarchymoon Records. Included Sep 11. CD. 2005

45 Seconds of…. . Simballrec Records  Included Ionosu. CD. 2004

Sound. SoundCd no.2. Included Gending Aptos. CD. 2003


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